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Emy Diaz -  Teen model

Emy Diaz

Photos: 30
Video: 25 mins
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 pounds
Bra Size: 32A
Birthday: June 7
Ethnicity: Other
Hair Color: Brunette
Body Type: Slim
Location: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Insurance Co. customer rep.

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Latina Models Her Cock-Stuffed Pussy
Featuring: Emy Diaz
"MODELS WANTED" says the little card Emy Diaz, a 21-year-old student from Miami, Florida, is holding. "I used to dream about becoming a model," said this sexy, little Latina. "But I didn't think that being a model would mean sucking some strange guy's cock and fucking him!" Hey, Emy, the world is full of surprises. And, no, being a model doesn't mean sucking and fucking strangers. But in your case, it does. Not that we wouldn't have wanted to see you if you didn't fuck, but..well, there's just something about the way you're so little-at 5'1", 96 pounds-that gets us going. Read more »